The Sunday Morning Chillax: Short Videos with Big Stoke

The Sunday Morning Chillax: Family Backpacking Trip in Ansel Adams Wilderness

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Family Hike in Yosemite's Ansel Adams Wilderness Motion TV from Ian Elman on Vimeo.

In September of 2012, we brought home a fresh-out-of-the-oven baby girl. In the months since, I've really caught up on my television in the funkiest hours of the day. You wouldn't believe how many cooking shows there are. But one show's been a pleasant surprise, and not just because it's about the outdoors. Motion is the kind of program that you'll find on weekend mornings where host Greg Aiello takes some friends into the wilderness somewhere, and it's not survivalist show a-la Les Stroud or that other guy, it's just a nuts-and-bolts style of "we went somewhere beautiful, and I want to show you what it was like." And that's exactly the appeal. Greg is friendly, informative and brings real outdoor adventures to a hey-I-totally-want-to-do-that level, even for families, without cheesing it up and thankfully sparing us any misplaced uses of the word "extreme."

This is 17 minutes long, so get comfy or make it a point to play this when you slice out the time. This episode follows a family  on a mule-pack trip into the gorgeous territory of Ansel Adams Wilderness in California where they live like unplugged kings: hiking, swimming in an alpine lake, slacklining, exploring, waking up to peaceful sunrises, eating exceptionally well . . . it's just neat. Ansel Adams Wilderness is high on my personal tick list already, but this cranks the dial to 11 for me. It's all the best parts of backpacking but with the aid of pack mules, and set in a wilderness that competes hard in the beauty category. But I also really dig the way Greg presents the destinations and the adventures with infectious enthusiasm. When you have a bad case of cabin fever going on, here's the cure (if you can't get out, of course). You'll find the show on the Live Well Network.

The Sunday Morning Chillax is here while you're enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet morning as your kids, hopefully, sleep in. No need to read, this is always a video; something to give you happy thoughts about mountains, fresh air, stoke, fun, or being outside. Enjoy. Relax. And, um, not guaranteed to be weekly — hey, you get what you pay for, but it's a dang good bargain.

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