The Sunday Morning Chillax: Short Videos with Big Stoke

The 3-Year-Old Who Does it All: Climbing, Skating, Bike Riding, and Surfing

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Seriously, there is no shortage of Youtube videos of little kids surfing. Yet who could ever get tired of watching them? Check out little Triston Gailey who gets big stoke from staying active with his dad. This short video from Yahoo gives us the quick highlights of the grom rock climbing, surfing, skateboarding, bike riding and more.

The little dude shocked his father, Todd, one day on the surfboard. Triston asked to ride on his belly to give it a shot, so out on the water Todd gave him a little push on a ripple and to his surprise, Triston popped up onto his feet to ride the wave.

Not surprisingly, his dad Todd says that Triston excels quickly and is the "most coordinated three-year-old he's ever seen." But, he also admits, "I’ve had to teach a little bit of fear into him."

Here's a fun few minutes for you this morning.

The Sunday Morning Chillax is here while you're enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet morning as your kids, hopefully, sleep in. No need to read, this is always a video; something to give you happy thoughts about mountains, fresh air, stoke, fun, or being outside. Enjoy. Relax. And, um, not guaranteed to be weekly — hey, you get what you pay for, but it's a dang good bargain.


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