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Tomorrow Somewhere New: Here's How One Family Travels Full-Time in an Airstream Trailer

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Josh and Jessica have a young son, and they used to have a lot of stuff. According to their manifesto, that included some pretty normal things: a second car, a 72-inch TV, home theater system, dining table, three sofas, a bed, piles of children’s toys and games, a wardrobe, a snow shovel, and oh yeah a five-bedroom house in the 'burbs of Manhattan, Kansas. But they grew highly dissatisfied with their life, not so much because of their possessions but because of how little free time they had. Who doesn't know that feeling well? Nevertheless, the couple brewed up a solution with a pretty potent main ingredient: "So we decided to sell our stuff . . ."

 . . . and they launched a dream.

Recipe: Campfire-Grilled Smothered Chicken Tenders

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The trouble with grilling chicken is that it's awfully easy to cook it until it's dried out. Sure, there are a few tricks, especially for boneless skinless breasts, like pound them flat first and turning them often. But another way around it, perhaps, is to use the much smaller breast tenders.

Bob Burnquist's Backyard Is Named Dreamland For a Reason

mega ramp

Earlier this year, I put in a 16'x20' paver patio in my backyard with my own two hands and I was pretty proud of it. Apparently, that's chump change. You know what pro skater (and father of two) Bob Burnquist put in his backyard? A world-renowned mega ramp that's longer than a football field, cost just shy of $300,000 to construct, and a braving boarder can hit 55 MPH on this sucker....

Parenting And The Eye of The Beholder

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This cool short video is jammed with inspiring time lapse landscapes, gorgeous mountains, and fresh, wild air. If you listen to the narration penned by my friend Meghan Ward, an outdoorswoman, writer, and a brand new mother, you'll hear what her take is on what it means that everything changes when you have children of you own.

In Case You Ever Want to Date My Sister-in-Law

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How many times have I been asked by single men if my wife has a sister? If I had a nickel for every shameless SOB . . . Yes indeed fellas, she has a sister. Like my wife, she's a 10 on a scale of 10. She's blond, blue-eyed, smart, goal-oriented, beautiful, fit, and down for an outdoor adventure of any flavor anytime. When I got married to Brooke, her sister was in her first year of college and her reaction to our wedding was this: "Yea! It's so great to have an older brother. I have someone talk to about all of my guy problems!"

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