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Cool Find: Camp Chef Over-The-Fire Grill

camp chef lumberjack campfire grill cooking food

You're dealing with a guy who's in his element cooking over the fire. It's a thankless chore, yes, to endure smoke in the eyes, and it's a merciless dance to balance the air flow with hot coals — yet there's no more satisfying sizzle than the one you make with pure flame, secret sauce and raw meat. I've made steak fajitas, bacon-wrapped shrimp cocktails, smothered chicken, carne asada, and others with this baby. I only tell you this to establish a little cred, because writing about a chunk of metal that sits over the fire so you can baste and char a tasty animal seems like a waste of pixels. I've gone back and forth on this for weeks now and decided to let it fly. So here goes. What could be so special about this grill?

Easy. The beauty is in brevity . . .

Recipe: BBQ Slathered, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


Talk about over-indulgence. But who cares? This is just an appetizer . . . one that explodes with flavor, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Bacon! Barbeque sauce! Cheese! Yum yums. Because of all of that, I add a glop of green chiles to the wrap because they're loaded with vitamin C, redeeming this medley in a small, but potent, way. Call it health food if that's enough for you . .

The Sunday Morning Chillax: Reflecting on a Living a Life Well Lived

mount everest

50 years ago this year, Jim Whittaker made history as the first American to summit Mount Everest. 50 years. He's now 84 years old and having coined the saying, "If you aren't living on the edge, you are taking up too much space," it's apparently fair game to ask the fella what he thinks of his time spent taking up space and if it was ever too much.

LEGO People Go Kayaking in a Stop-Motion Film

kayaking legos 001

Real quick, did you know that the very LEGO® bricks (you and) your kids play with first came out in the 1950s? And the concept for how these little suckers stick together has largely remained unchanged. The name is the abbreviated version of two Danish words that mean "play good."  So there you have it. And it turns out that the ultimate building blocks make an awesome medium in a stop-motion film . . .

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