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Maximizing Leftovers: How To Make a Sandwich on the Last Day of A Long Trip

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This could be a column all of its own.  What do you do with left over food from camping or road trips?  I recall the days before owning a 12 volt refrigerator (Um, that would be the Engel) that food gets pretty nasty sitting in a cooler of melted ice that's been riding in the truck bed on dusty roads.  You ever seen cheese that's been soaking in water?  It turns to this disgusting yellow mush blob.

Though the fridge keeps the food in a reasonable state of normalcy for consumption, we still end up with a strange assortment of food-we-didn't-eat-yet as we enter the final day of a long trip.  I got super lucky a couple of weeks ago when we came back from the Grand Canyon.  We chose to stop for a picnic lunch on the eastern side of Mount Humphreys instead of buying lunch somewhere.  Smart, right?

So after a couple of days, we had some fresh veggies left over from the breakfast burritos.  Green and red bell peppers, onion, and jalepeño; a few tomato slices also.  I tossed these on top of the few peppered turkey and pepperjack cheese pieces hanging around, put it all between some whole wheat bread, then squirted some Italiany oil and vinegar all over it to make my Fabulous Peppered Turkey Fajita Sandwich.

Actually, to be honest, Brooke made this sandwich for me.  Does that make me sexist and weird? Thankful and happy, if I must confess.


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