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Easy No Mess Camp Burgers

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Why are you reading a web page about cooking camp burgers?  How hard can they be, right?

Just consider this The Easy No Mess Method, in which you'll dirty no plates, bowls, flatware, nor will you have to tote around (or clean) a disgusting grill.

Cooking your hamburger on a campfire by wrapping it in foil and placing it right on the coals has some big advantages: you get a juicy burger even if cooked to well-done; there's no mess; there's no fuss; they taste even better when you cook them with the veggies.  Check it out.


  • Standard burger stuff: Ground beef patties, your toppings and seasonings of choice


  1. Place individual patties on a sheet of aluminum foil (should be large enough to be folded over and fully enclosing the meat and toppings)
  2. Sprinkle your seasonings - suggestion: garlic salt and Mrs. Dash
  3. Add your vegetables; exceptions are ettuce and tomato which should be added after cooking
  4. Wrap the foil around your meal, leave no holes exposed.
  5. Using a shovel, scoop out cooking area within your fire ring, and place a bed a hot coals.
  6. Place your wrapped burgers on the coals and and cover with another layer of coals.
  7. Let 'em be.  Don't touch.  Drink a beer.
  8. Check one at 10 minutes.  It should be cooked to medium at this stage, and still extraordinarily juicy
  9. Serve, eat, and be merry.

Shortcuts & Healthier Versions

  • This is the shortcut
  • Use ground turkey patties instead of beef

Other Tips

  • The options are as endless as your creativity.  Sure, wrap your patties in bacon if you want.  Add barbeque sauce.  Whatever, it's your food.
  • I'm fond of adding red onion slices, rings of green bell pepper, and and sliced jalepeño to the package with raw meat.  It sends a rush of flavor to your mouth and you'll be happy.

Pictures: Healthy Camp Hamburgers with Bell Pepper, Onion, Jalpeño & Made Without a Grill on a Campfire:


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