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Ode to Camp Coffee

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boy o boy

black coffee in a mug

yep, beans and water
good like my daughter

'cept that time I gave her a squeeze,
planted a kiss

on her little head
'cuz she pushed me back then said

No no papa, I don't want a hug

Still, Fatherhood Is Awesome

It's the unimaginative who actually think a French press is the best way to brew coffee while camping - consumerist fools!  At the risk of sounding like a sponsored fanboy who got something for free for saying this, my world changed when I found the Ortlieb coffee filter holder.  Roll your eyes not, I paid full retail for it. This baby lets me brew up a mug of coffee or two or three by simply heating up the water and pouring it over the grounds. Any grounds I want.  The filter holder, naturally, holds a #4 conical filter right over the mug and makes the coffee drip style. Scoop in the goods, pour the water and wait a minute or two for a lovely cup of fresh coffee.

And what do I have to clean?  Nothing much.  Toss the dirty filter in the trash, rinse the mug.  Here's the (other) cool part.  The Ortlieb filter holder folds flat.  Can you say that about a press or percolator?  It costs a mere 12 bucks and adds just a couple of ounces to the pack.

What's up with those tent pegs, you ask? Not only do those stabilize the filter holder over your mug, but they also have this cool multi-function-adventure-camping-thing going for them.  Tent pegs: they'll hold your tent to the ground over night, and help make coffee in the morning.


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# John101477 2010-02-24 12:07
Thats a pretty cool idea!!!
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# Bill 2010-03-23 21:33
Wow. R U drunk? LOL!!!
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Joe McGowan
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# Joe McGowan 2011-06-30 21:52
Not bad, but I prefer my GSI H2JO! It screws right into the top of a nalgene bottle and makes delicious cowboy coffee.
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