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Come With an Appetite: Stephens' Fiesta Camp Chicken Fajitas

Bell peppers.  Mmmmm.

Eat them like an apple, duh, or slice 'em, dice 'em, chop 'em, leave 'em whole . . . but definitely use them in your camp fajitas.

Not much is healthier than chicken fajitas.  Bell peppers contain truck loads of Vitamin C, especially the red and yellow, and plenty of Vitamin B6.  With cubed chicken, or canned chicken meat for ease and cleanliness, you'll add a big dose of protein for recharging after a big day of outdoor adventure.

Mark's Café Mocha Especial: How to Make a Good Latte on a Camp Stove

"Camping?  No way. What if there's no Starbucks nearby?"

Your worries are over. It's simple to make a café mocha on a camp stove even when you're a two-day hike to the nearest smock-clad barrista or on the furthest Baja beach. I'm talking about the real thing, too: chocolate, and milk, foam, and yummy cinnamon.  Yes on a camp stove. Hear me out.

First, are you sure you want to support Starbucks rather than your nearest hard-working local coffee shop owner? Second, you can make a yummy café mocha right on your stove top faster than you can get through the drive through on a Sunday morning.

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