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Healthy Meals on the Go: 4 Ways to Feast as a Family While Traveling

Tasty and satisfying as they may be, drive-thru cheeseburgers with french fries and milkshakes shouldn't be the norm when you're on a road trip with the kids.  In this article, Brooke shows four easy things to do to make tasty, healthy, and simple meals for the whole family when it comes to camping or picnicking along the way.

Put these tips to use so that you can be guilt free when you finally stop for pizza and beer on the way home form your next family road trip.

Maximizing Leftovers: How To Make a Sandwich on the Last Day of A Long Trip

This could be a column all of its own.  What do you do with left over food from camping or road trips?  I recall the days before owning a 12 volt refrigerator (Um, that would be the Engel) that food gets pretty nasty sitting in a cooler of melted ice that's been riding in the truck bed on dusty roads.  You ever seen cheese that's been soaking in water?  It turns to this disgusting yellow mush blob.

Well, this time I got lucky with a pretty cool assortment of leftovers.

Spicy Wake 'Em Up Breakfast Burritos

Spicy breakfast burritos with chorizo, eggs, bell pepper, onion, jalepeno

What's my favorite way of keeping warm food warm while stumbling around a cold campsite?  Tortillas.  Forget bowls and plates, wrap up that hot goodness in a tortilla and it'll stay warmer longer.  Here's one of our favorite morning dishes with a kick.

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