Disclosure of Editorial Ethics

Nobody pays to play.

water bottleThe editorial content on this website is neither paid for nor influenced by payment, free product, discounts, or other forms of association with manufacturers or retailers.

Companies sometimes do send us free samples or demo product on a temporary basis, which is perfectly acceptable.

When such items meet our criteria — that is if we think it'll be something of interest to you, the grinning outdoorsy parent/reader — we will write about it. Fair enough?

Our Reputation Is Important.

What you may not know is how often we look at products or services that just don't fit what AdventureParents.com is all about. We understand that our reputation is on the line and therefore we don't post everything that gets presented to us. Rest assured that when we're telling you about some snazzy new thing it has passed our litmus test and we really do think it'll interest you, make you keel over with laughter, or possibly inspire you to take a trip this weekend. Of course, not everything we do will hit your soft spot, but we know we put much consideration into deciding what to post.

We also see numerous news releases. It's a fine method that companies use to get the word out about something new. We don't regurgitate them (copy, paste, and post) because that would be boring. If a release contains something, again, that we think you'll get a kick out of, we'll do a story on it. A fun story that you'll (hopefully) want to read.

Still, most gear reviews or product discussions come straight from our own equipment collection that we've purchased from bonafide retailers with our own money. If we write about something for which we did not pay, we'll clearly state that at the bottom of the article. When there's a link to buy a product at a retailer's website, it will often be an affiliate link. This means that we get a small commission when someone makes a purchase through a link we've posted to a retail website. We do this to help fund this website, and because it seems downright fair to earn a commission on a sale that we helped generate.

Share Your Thoughts

If you read something on our site that you don't like (and especially if you do!), well, speak up. It's okay.

  • Leave a comment on any article/blog post, or
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