Photo Gallery: Chillin' On a Dirt Road in Walnut Canyon

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You ever read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Actually, there is a whole series by Laura Numeroff, but my point stands. The stories are metaphors for your own children. You give the little muskrat a cookie.  Then he wants milk.  Then he wants . . . then he wants . . . you know how it goes.

Putting together a little adventure trip some other friends who also have kids goes the same way. The little ones go, "We're going camping!  Can we bring flashlights too?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Can we bring my blankey?"

"Of course."

"Can we bring BIRTHDAY CAKE?"

"I've already packed it, child. I've read the book before."

Enjoy the photos from our simple back road camping trip. We drove down a dirt road, found a spot, and mellowed out. When we're out of better ideas, we go with this one.


Jennifer Duncan
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# Jennifer Duncan 2011-06-12 10:19
That's some spot!

Just wait until it's "can I bring my flashlight, my blanky, and my LEGO's?" Do you have any idea how much more painful it is to step on a Lego, in the dark? In a tent? While you fumble for your flashlight? Girls just bring a mountain of dolly stuff. Boys, it's matchbox cars, legos and little plastic people with sticky out arms. Nothing soft to step on.
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# Mark 2011-06-19 23:06
I love legos, but I don't like stepping on 'em. Raise my glass to ya, Jennifer.
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Vacheron Constantin
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# Vacheron Constantin 2011-09-01 20:39
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