Gallery: Utah Backroads from Canyonlands to Beef Basin

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It's not too frequent that I take a fellas-only trip, and that's either a bummer or something my doctor would applaud. For instance, three days of living on hotdogs, cheeze puffs, and mediocre-at-best canned light beer (vented wide mouth!) doesn't do a body good. I'm not letting out any deep secrets about trips with the boys. That's the menu - likely all across the land, give or take an ingredient. Everyone knows it's an unusual dude who cooks in favor of nutritional value, balance, and class when there are no lovely blondes, brunettes, or red heads nearby to impress.

But let's talk about Utah. Southern Utah. Last September I spent the better part of a week driving through parts of Canyonlands and a lesser-known slice of heaven called Beef Basin. It was just me, my dad, and a few colleagues from the midwest who rented a Jeep in Moab and asked us to map a route that'd get us well off the grid for a few days.

If you can make it through all 50 photos here, you'll see some wicked cool things. At least I hope you'll find them cool. Ancient Pueblo ruins, inspiring red sandstone cliffs against crisp blue skies, a campfire or two, a crescent moon, unbelievable canyons. Maybe more. I shared these with a few friends when I came home, and then forgot about them. Until now.  I figured you'd enjoy a few of these -


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# Bill 2011-07-30 19:50
You forgot beef jerky :P
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# Ania 2011-08-29 07:16
Ow wow! Love your photos! How did you get those stars?? Did you leave the shutter opened for a while?
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# Mark 2011-08-29 12:23
Hi Ania --- I sure hope class in Lithuania is going well!

Yep yep, 30 second exposure for this one.
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Irene Lewis
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# Irene Lewis 2011-08-29 18:40
Thans so much for sharing your special pictures from Beef Basin so ,any years ag my ex husband and a special forever pal took us to Beef Basin we had a ball so much fun, beautiful stars and beautiful scenery and the petrogliffs were so cool, we got stuck in a flash flood it was scary way scary but I knew Dave the would find a way out for us, I just knew, well he thankfully had a CB and that is how we were found, a lady in California Mabel got our message she is an angel for hearing us anf getting help to us, but even after all that I would love to go back again and take my husband he would love it now all we have to do is to talk Dave into coming with us and his wife FGail, we would have so much fun again thanks for sharing you pictures Irene Lewis
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Corum Automatic Swis
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# Corum Automatic Swis 2011-09-01 20:40
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