Gallery: 20 Photos of Winter Rain in the Desert

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Place a wager for best description of a desert rain on chapter twelve of Barbara Kingsolver's book The Bean Trees and there's a good chance you'd win. She crescendos over the course of some 800 words just to build up to her description of the subtle and therefore easily dismissed scent that rises in the air before a desert summer rain. It's a remarkable and realistic chapter. So why would I bother writing about it?

The rain's been coming down this winter. While some of us are watching for the pow up in the mountains, not all of us are. Or can. Rain in the desert is the remarkable thing we get to look forward to down here at the crude elevation of 1,100 feet. But it has magic of its own. The rains are characteristically quick, though they may take shifts over the course of several days in a row. The 20 photos here were all shot during, just before, or just after rainfall in the desert. Or snowfall. As you'll see. Enjoy -


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# Ania 2012-01-20 08:38
Ow I know the description in the Bean Trees you're talking about! Love it! I remember when we were reading it in English (with Mr. Larson) and everybody in the class was complaining, like "Why in the world are we reading it! It's desert! How can anybody even like it?!"
hehe, I agree that you can't LIKE it, you can LOVE it! Beautiful photographs, Mark!
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