Gallery: Finding Wildflowers in The Desert

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The thrill of surprise is likely the one thread that connects all forms of outdoor adventure. Watching a skier pull a 540, taking a ride through Crystal Rapid on the Colorado River, on-sight flashing a route you thought for sure would be project of the year for you, or swimming in a backcountry lake all drop their bombshells of amazement. Even taking a break next to a chilly mountain creek brings on the happy thoughts à la Bob Ross.

That's why we like spring in the Sonoran Desert. You can simply go awandering down a dirt road, park, lace up the boots, and find yourself in a patch of wild flowers and grass to your knees. There's no overt drama, no inherent challenge, perhaps the typical risk of meeting an enthusiastic rattlesnake, but it's not too bad. The winter rains dropped a decent amount this season, and there's some good stuff bursting from the ground. Yellow poppies and purple lupine and more.

This is just a short gallery of what we found last weekend. My sweet child picked flowers over and over, handed them to me and her mother and said, "I love you" every time. What a shame the season is so short.


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# Alison 2012-04-05 14:20
Beautiful photos! What a perfect way to spend the day and welcome spring.

I'm writing on behalf of KEEN Footwear as a Chief Recess Officer. We're inspired by people like you who make it a priority to get outdoors, breathe, and move with your kids.

We'd love to see some of your favorite spots on our Recess page:

Thanks! Enjoy the beautiful weather.

Chief Recess Officer
KEEN Footwear
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Mark Stephens
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# Mark Stephens 2012-04-09 22:54
Thanks, Alison. Recess page? Okay, we'll play. I'll go find something extra special just because you swung by. Thanks for checking in!

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